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31 December 2020 @ 11:59 pm
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31 December 2020 @ 11:13 pm

Massive Wonders
A private image works dumpsite

Watch for more incoming wallpapers & icons from me :D

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10 January 2012 @ 02:17 pm
    I'm late by 10 days, but better late than never 8'D
Happy New Year 2012!
I shall cross my finger and hope that Doom 2012 is simply a hoax! >D

It's somewhat unfortunate that I don't have anything to share in this year's new year (I mean, I shared pixel icons (  ) last year, and icons in the year before that...), but I hope everyone will have (yet another) awesome year in the incoming days of 2012! 8D

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Good bye, 2011. Welcome, doom year 2012. Here's a celebratory cake for this belated new year party :'D


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01 December 2011 @ 03:59 pm

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09 October 2011 @ 01:42 am

[ a reasonably less stupid explanation : Schooldays, schoolwork, school this and school that, not to mention various blocks on various things, laggy internet, and all the real life-y and net life-y stuff. Yeehaw. I miss this journal. I miss my fandoms. I miss you friendlist. Now that I'm back, LET'S PARTEHH—GODDAMMIT MASAMUNE YOUR SIGNATURE ENGRISH IS SPREADING TO ME LIKE AN AWFUL DISEASE D8 ]

-this fangirl has effectively disconnected from her particular logic and remaining sanity-

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My math teacher can't see the difference between refreshing and restressing. :| Shoo, real life. I want to forget about you for now.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn is becoming more and more like Kamen Rider with the appearance of Lambo's newest armor. Haha. And now Lambo looks more like a bug than a cow. Ow. And is it just me or Lambo weirdly resembles the late Genkishi in his newest armor?

Anyways, hi again! I've been reading countless (old) novels in the past two weeks, lol. Star Trek, Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone, Artemis Fowl (yet again)— And speaking about Star Trek, lmao, to be real honest I haven't read Star Trek even once before— and then I read the book last week, and got completely hooked by Kirk/Spock. Honestly, Spock, how insensitive can a Vulcan be, really? D: Even the older you have given consent AND canon proofs D:

Okay, not starting another rant here =3=

Last week was school activities over at Mojokerto — some kind of spiritual retreat or something, blah. The only few things I enjoyed from back then were the good food, good views, great air, and lack of math. I didn't exactly enjoy the ghost chase on the second day, nor the rain that caused the bonfire night to be cancelled :| Of course, I both enjoyed and did NOT enjoy the 1-hour walk around the mountainous Pacet which gave me both pretty photos and sore feet. Food was delicious, though, and I certainly had fun with classmates :) (If you can call playing UNO until past midnight fun.)

Where are the photos, you asked? Well...
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18 July 2010 @ 10:04 pm

Yes, you heard that right, people! It's a second coming to the handheld, woo!

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2nd
Another awesome? take on vocals, dancing, and gaming by that leek-loving diva

For those of you who got no effin idea on what Project Diva is, or perhaps those who are, at the moment, asking themselves (or others) "What the hell is Vocaloid", Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application developed by Yamaha that enables users to produce vocals by typing in lyrics and melody. Hatsune Miku is the iconic character of Vocaloid, although not the first to be made–but that's not our focus here.

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva was a game developed by SEGA, starring Hatsune Miku as the main character of the game. The game itself is a rhythm game, in which you must press certain buttons along with the song, following the display on the screen — and of course, being a game with Miku as the star, the songs provided in-game are all songs sung by her, created by respective Vocaloid music artists!

In the first game, 39 songs were provided from the start, with additional songs and pictures provided as DLCs (downloadable contents) in PlayStation Network Japan. Following Project Diva's success in Japan, SEGA developed Dreamy Theater, a DLC for Project Diva which enables players to play the very game they know well—in PlayStation 3's high quality picture instead of PlayStation Portable's limited capability.

And now, Project Diva 2nd.

Quite a while ago, SEGA announced that they will be publishing Project Diva 2nd. This announcement alone created quite an uproar in the community of Vocaloid fans (or at least, those who follow the news). Following the announcement were promotional videos of Project Diva 2nd, featuring many new features its predecessor lacked, such as duet songs and the usage of the d-pad.

And finally, Sega updated the official page with the in-game PV of the songs Kocchi Muite Baby by ryo, Yellow by kz, and Color x Melody by Team MOER, showing us fans exactly what to expect when the game comes out by the end of July 2010. Not so much difference between the first and the second game, but we definitely could see the subtle difference, especially in how the characters move in the video.

Look at me, baby!

Sega, however, finally showed what they could do when they finally release the DVD which contains high-quality, full 3D PVs of Kocchimuite Baby and Yellow. With absolutely smooth 3D—rivalling that of the first one's opening sequence—and flawless movements, both PVs will definitely captivate you. With the opening PV on twice the first's quality, will we see twice the improvement from Project Diva in Project Diva 2nd? We can only wait and see for ourselves ;)

Project Diva 2nd: Coming out for PSP July 29th
So, who are taking out their PSP from the shelves by the end of this month? :D

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I knew the words 'Always be wary of the quiet ones' were true.


(This is singularly the most random post I've ever posted on Livejournal, lmao)
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20 June 2010 @ 09:38 pm

Aand, it was that crowded.
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